6 Essential Features you should consider before developing a website


Planning to create a new website design for your business can be terrifying? There is no one solution for all, but there are several basic functions & content fields you should include that make it efficient marketing tools. Also, Have no idea to choose the website development company for your business we will discuss in this blog.

Search Ranking Functionality:

You want to make the new website visitors experience as continuous as possible, which is why you must need to include the search functionality on your new website. According to Moz, an average of 35% of new website visitors will utilize the search function.

Contact information Every Pages:

This seems most important & simple, but several companies miss this. especially the phone number you want people to call for sales inquiries directly, preferably at the top & bottom of each page. Also, the other important thing about websites is that Include a clickable subscription “email us!” CTA that either opens an email client or links to your contact form. Make sure you are utilizing easy-to-use contact and inquiry forms throughout your website. You don’t want to make new visitors work to keep in touch with you.

Testimonials and Case Studies:

Every Customer’s testimonials have the highest effective & efficient rating for content marketing at 95% because the potential customer must need to trust you while choosing to join with you.

Use your website to construct your credibility through sharing your expertise and successful track record with clients and customers. Often, a testimonials web page is one of the most visited pages on websites we create for our clients. When you do get testimonials, ask your customers for permission to use their actual names. Real endorsements from recognizable corporations and companies suggest a lot greater than a nameless testimonial.

SEO Strategy:

The customer who already knows your business will find your website by typing your business name. But what about the customer who doesn’t know your business? Optimizing your website by using the keywords which are relevant for business that matches the searcher’s intent is important to get website traffic and to generate the quality leads.

To help with your SEO system, there are some accepted procedures you can use when working out new pages.

Write your Webpage titles and meta descriptions from the SEO perspective, ensuring you utilize your relevant keywords in both.

Keep your URL structure clear, simple to follow, and include the relevant keywords.

Of course, you have to consist of your business name on your webpage and in the meta description, however your business name is on your website so lots that you likely can’t assist however be discovered on Google for it. Instead, focus on popular and relevant keywords that clients who may not be aware of your company are looking out for. For example, PageOnTop desires to be discovered on Google for “Website design company in Coimbatore” rather than just “PageOnTop.”

Live Chat:

Many customers are a little bit Busy. they won’t spend too much time searching around your website or FAQ section looking for the information they need. To meet clients the place they are and supply the instantaneous comments they require, deploy a live chat choice on your website.

AI has made this performance a good deal and greater viable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, many corporations provide live chat as an easy plugin for your CMS platform.

Live chat is exceptionally beneficial. Reports that featured the undiscovered capability of live chat, and why organizations should add it to their websites.

44% of online shoppers say having questions answered by the real people in the center of an online buy is one of the most essential aspects a website can offer.

63% stated they are likely to return to a website that provides live chat.

Social Media:

Definitely include the social media icons, a page, or a section on the contact us page, and list the links of which social media platforms you use. Encompass your social media links so website visitors can find you quickly and easily.

What do you think? These guidelines make for a magnificent basis for website design, however you can also have extra questions or need to develop the best website for your business. contact us to examine extra about clever website development and how PageOnTop can help.