Why is WordPress the best platform to build your business or startup?

WordPress development company

WordPress has evolved from being simply a blogging platform to becoming the platform of choice for millions of companies all over the globe. You may outsource a WordPress development company in India to obtain a low-cost website development solution that will help your company flourish.

Let’s look at what WordPress is and what it can accomplish in more detail.

WordPress is Free and Open Source

The first is WordPress.org also known as the self-hosted version of WordPress, which offers a free, open-source, downloadable version of the WordPress software. You may do it yourself by downloading and installing it.

Then there’s WordPress.com also known as a hosted version of WordPress, which offers WordPress as a service that’s ready to use right out of the box.

Instead of installing WordPress on your site, you just sign up for a free account at WordPress.com and begin blogging. There’s no need to download or instal anything; everything is done for you.

WordPress.com also handles all backups, security updates, and upgrades for you.

WordPress.com is free to use when you first sign up, however, there are fees for premium features.

Even though the WordPress software is free, you will almost certainly wind up paying money. Because WordPress is self-hosted, it necessitates hosting.

When you choose ready-made themes or plugins from the internet, you run the danger of creating a generic, low to medium-quality website that doesn’t stand out. Using WordPress, a credible WordPress development company will create web solutions with an appealing appearance and feel. It would guarantee that the website’s performance and look are optimised across all browsers and devices.

Custom-built Plugins and Themes

One of the many things that make WordPress so enjoyable to use is plugins.

WordPress has hundreds of themes and plugins to choose from. They’ve already figured out the code. Simply download and activate the theme or plugin you want to use, and you’re done.

The built-in templating engine in WordPress enables you to alter the appearance and feel of your website in a matter of seconds. These template designs, often known as WordPress themes, can remodel your website. You may engage any reputable WordPress development company in India to obtain the finest results.

Among the most appealing features of WordPress is the ability to instal and enable WordPress themes and plugins straight from the admin area.

A custom WordPress development company, on the other hand, is fully aware of the various business requirements and may offer custom plugins and extensions for the WordPress platform. These Plugins allow you to expand the functionality of your website.

Easy Installation Method

WordPress is simple to use when matched to the alternatives. You can do anything from establishing new pages and articles to altering the comment rules from the backend dashboard.

You may also hire a WordPress web development company in Coimbatore to boost your website, which will result in greater organic visibility and help you establish your brand’s online presence. Because of its skills and extensive industry expertise, a custom WordPress development company makes installation and setup a stress-free procedure.

WordPress is a Safe Platform

WordPress.com takes care of your security and offers solutions for any problems that arise. But a professional WordPress development company can assist you in creating a secure website that is difficult to hack.

WordPress’s developers and volunteer community are always on the lookout for flaws.

This is why, if you use WordPress, you will get frequent updates. All small updates are carried out automatically, safeguarding you against security flaws you may not have been conscious of.

It can handle a wide range of media formats

WordPress allows you to do more than simply produce text content. You may easily upload pictures, music, and video files to your website with the built-in media upload feature.

You may link your social network accounts to your WordPress site in a matter of seconds.This eliminates the hassle of having to log into several platforms to submit material once it’s been published on your site.

Last Thoughts

To summarise, WordPress.com may be an excellent option for someone looking for a readymade solution that is simple to use.

Everything your business website should be, through the eyes of  a WordPress expert, is totally possible and simple to build with WordPress design services.